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How to remove blu tack stains from the wall?

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Blu Tack also referred to as sticky tack, is the original reusable adhesive that provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape. is great for sticking up posters, keeping photo frames in place, or hanging decorative items. Unfortunately, it can leave an oily stain on the wall. The good news is, we have found some easy tips for getting rid of blue sticky tack.

How to remove blu tack stains from the wall - Everything you need


Clean, dry cloths or kitchen paper

How to remove blu tack stains-a step-by-step guide

After preparing the essential materials to be used, follow the steps

below to easily remove blu tack

Step 1: Ready to roll - Roll it from the edges

If you want to remove the blu tack left on the wall not long ago, the simplest way is to roll it from the edges. and roll it down slowly into a cylinder-like shape, repeat several times to remove any remaining bits.

If you want to remove the sticky tack that was left on the wall a few years ago. First, you can use a plastic scraper, the dull edge of a butter knife, or a similar device to scrape as much sticky putty from the surface as possible. Press a new piece of blue tack against the old to remove any remaining Tack.

Step 2: Clean - Use a citrus-based stain remover to remove blu-tack marks

Apply a small amount of the citrus-based stain remover to a piece of kitchen paper or a clean cloth,  then dab (don’t rub!) the affected area. these cleaners will help to dissolve the adhesive in the Blu Tack.

If your citrus-based stain remover runs out, you can make a homemade version with just white vinegar, dish soap, water, and lemon.

Step 3: Blot away

Take a clean and dry piece of cloth or kitchen paper and dab at the affected area, allowing it to dry completely. And that's it, you've removed the Blu Tack stain from your wall!

The guide is not only suitable for removing blu tack from the wall but also for removing blu tack from glass, plastic, wood, and photos.

But if you want to remove blu tack from the carpet, it is not recommended to use the guide. You can easily remove blu tack from carpet with the following method.

How to remove blu tack stains from the carpet- Everything you need



A Comb

The best way to remove blu tack stains from the carpet is as follows:

For any remaining Tack, use a comb to remove the remaining part, repeat it many times to remove clean

Method 1:

start by hand

use blu tack

warm it up, blu tack stickiness enhancement, Press it against the old to remove any remaining Tack.

Method 2:

Try parcel tape
Use parcel tape to glue off the blu tack on the carpet.
For any remaining Tack, use a comb to remove the remaining part, repeat it many times to remove clean

Although blu sticky tack has become a must-have in any home, office, or school. But sticky tack can'ot be used on all surfaces.

The best surfaces for sticky tack

Sticky tack performs best on non-porous surfaces, e.g. vinyl coated wallpapers, Diatom mud wall, painted surfaces, wood, and metal.

We don't advise using it on poor quality peeling walls, falling gray walls, wet wall, thin glass, absorbent, or recently decorated surfaces, including silk-screen printed or hand-

stenciled wallpapers, or on porous brickwork – as it can leave a slight oily mark if left for a long period of time. Before using sticky tack, refer to the relevant.

Sticky tack provides a lot of conveniences in life, whether you are sticking posters, photo fram, removing hair from clothes, or repairing shaky furniture, you can use sticky tack for that.

It is available in many colors, including blue, white, yellow, and pink. Hopson adhesive manufacturer provides sticky tacks with competitive prices for you. and supports OEM and ODM services.

If you are looking for quality adhesive suppliers. Hopson adhesive manufacturer is your ideal choice.

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