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Best clear nail glue

Hopson best clear nail glue adopts 2g, 3g, 8g small bottle design, easy to carry, It can be used for nail repair, bonding false nails;

The nail adhesive is the first choice for professional salons and home fake nail glue

Options Available

2g   3g   8g

Instructions for fake nail glue

1. File the sides with a nail file                           2. Clean nails with polish remover


3. Apply glue to artificial nail                            4. Press on artificial nails and hold for 5 seconds


5. Cut perfect nail style with nail clipper          6. Finish


              Before                                                                            After


Benefits and applications of nail glue

●Glossy    ●Transparent    ●Long-lasting    ●No harmful ingredient

As nail tips glue gel

1. Brush some nail tips glue gel on the nail tip

2. Press the nail tip on the nail

3. Press the nail to cure by lamp for 30s, then continue to cure by lamp without press

4. Finished

Product parameters

Item No.





2g/0.07oz   1000pcs/box   50boxes/ctn

3g/0.11oz   24cards/box   12boxes/ctn

8g/0.28oz   24cards/box   12boxes/ctn










Can super glue be used instead of nail glue?

Nail glue is a special type of super glue, which is the basic of phototherapy manicure. It is light and flexible, not fragile, strong and durable. It is generally not recommended to use other super glue instead

How to remove nail glue from skin?

Follow this steps

Immerse your skin in warm soapy water.

Gently scrub the area with a clean toothbrush, emery board, or nail buffer to help lift off bits of raised glue.

Get a 100% acetone nail polish remover, if possible.

Why does nail glue get thick?

During use, the nail glue will become thick and hard when exposed to sunlight for a long time. If it is not too serious, you can put one or two drops of nail polish diluent into it for dilution.

Can nail glue expire?

Hopson liquid clear nail adhesive'shelf life is two years. Using the correct way to preserve the nail glue can prolong its service life.

Storage method: sealed and stored in a cool place.

Note: It is strictly forbidden to store at high temperature, and children are forbidden to touch and avoid getting into eyes

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