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Blue sticky tack

Blue sticky tack is a non-toxic and odorless multipurpose adhesive clay, which is a perfect substitute for tape, tacks, staples, and other installation materials. This household must have removable mounting putty that canbe usedto install posters, calendars, and other artworks. It is detachable and reusable and will not leave any residue on your artwork or walls.

This blue sticky tack has been pressed out of small pieces by the mold, which is more convenient to control the dosage and convenient to cut.

Available in a 4 colour pack - pink, white, blue, yellow.

Available in 5 specifications poster tack - 15g, 50g, 75g, 35pcs, 90pcs.

Provide customized services - logo, pack, colour,specification, etc. Please send us your request.

Options Available



Paste without trace

Grid shape, easy to tear

Doesn't hurt the wall

Replace wall order, no need to punch


Applicable sticking surface

Adhesive wall for blu tack

Diatom mud wall     Latex paint wall       Wallpaper wall         Wooden wall

Unsuitable adhesive wall

Adhesive walls where blu tack is not applicable

Poor quality              Falling gray wall          Wet wall                 Thin glass

peeling wall


Blue tack is reusable adhesive, not super glue. It will not dry out within a certain period of time. It is sticky afterbeing removedand kneaded again. After a long period of time, the viscosity may weaken. When the viscosity is not good, replace the blue butyl rubber again.It is recommended to change the glue in 2-3 years. It is strictly forbidden to use blue butyl rubber at the head of the bed

Use steps

Take off a piece of white Tack
Repeatedly pull and knead into small balls
Take off a piece of white Tack
Repeatedly pull and knead into small balls
The spherical sticky tack is placed in the corresponding position
Press the item firmly to fit
The spherical sticky tack is placed in the corresponding position
Press the item firmly to fit

Recommended usage of blue tack

Frame size
The amount of blue tack
5-6 inch
4 points
7-8 inch
6 points
9-10 inch
8 points
11-12 inch
10 points
16 inch
14 points
It is recommended to use with non-marking nails to fix the photo frame larger than 10 inches

Product parameters

Item No.



35pcs/card  24cards/box  8boxes/ctn






Butyl Rubber





Shelf life

2 years


color box


How to remove sticky tack from fabric?

If you have sticky tack on your clothes, you can follow the steps below to remove the sticky tack.

1. Place the clothing in the freezer to harden the tack and make it easier to remove.

2. Once it is frozen, scrape the tack off with your fingernail or a butter knife.

3. Dab any remaining tack with a cotton ball dipped in vegetable oil to dissolve it.

4. Wash the clothing in laundry detergent and warm water to remove the oil.

Does blu tack damage paint?

Blu Tack is a multipurpose Reusable Adhesive, Clean, Safe & Easy to Use. This sticky tack can be used on non-porous surfaces, painted surfaces, vinyl-coated wallpaper, glass, metal, etc.

How to remove blu tack from brick walls?

1. Take a plastic spoon or scraper and scrape off the Blu Tack from the surface of the wall.
2. Spray a citrus-based stain remover onto the wall. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to use the stain remover effectively.
3. Citrus-based stain remover to dissolve the Blu Tack and remove it with a cloth.

Note: Brick Walls are porous. And Blu Tack is a putty, it will go into crevices which makes it difficult to remove. So, we do not recommend you use Blu Tack on brick walls

How to make sticky tack?

Video from WiKiHow


White glue: 2 tbsp(30ml)

Liquid starch: 1 tbsp(15ml)

Right amount of glue pigment

Where to buy sticky tack?

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