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Eyelash Glue for Sensitive Eyes

This hypoallergenic eyelash glue is designed exclusively for glue-sensitive clients, and lash artists who are looking for fast-drying glue. Its hypoallergenic formula is extremely gentle and won't cause irritation. This adhesive is Latex and Formaldehyde free, which makes it ideal for customers with sensitive eyes.

Eyelash Glue Ingredients

The main culprit that causes allergic reactions to lash glue is a chemical called "Cyanoacrylate," which is the main ingredient for its curing and bonding ability in all eyelash extension adhesives. Popularly called ‘CA’ in the industrial world, this instant lash extension glue is also found in super glue. You must understand that the same type of cyanoacrylate that’s used in super glue isn’t the same one used to bond eyelash extensions.

Cyanoacrylate is in all eyelash adhesives, even in the lash extension glue for sensitive or allergic eyes.  No substitute can replace its role.

In fact, cyanoacrylate has many derivatives from methyl, ethyl, butyl, octyl, alkoxy, methoxy,  and more. Not all cyanoacrylates can cause eyelash extension glue allergy.

Manufacturer's Tip: 6 Different Types of Cyanoacrylate:

Type of cyanoacrylateMethyl
FumeVery StrongAverage
LowLowVery LowLowest
AdhensionVery Strong
Not for eyelash extension

Most commonly used in

eyelash extension adhesive

Good for sensitive clients

Good for sensitive clients
Great for sensitive clients, Expensive
Difficult to use for eyelash extension

Methyl Cyanoacrylate: This is a toxic substance. This type of cyanoacrylate is strictly classified and used only for industrial purposes. Methyl type is very strong and it can dissolve the proteins- if used in eyelash extension, it leads to permanent sight loss. Methyl type should never be used in eyelash extension adhesive.

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate: Ethyl cyanoacrylate is the most commonly used type of cyanoacrylate for eyelash extension glue. The ethyl variety of cyanoacrylate is often thicker than other lash adhesives. Its drying time is fast, and the adhesion is strong, but the fume, odor, and irritation can be quite heavy for some lash clients and it can cause allergy to eyelash extensions.

Butyl-Cyanoacrylate: Butyl type is an adhesive that is made hypoallergenic. It is the main component of medical glue and is commonly used in the medical field. Compared to Ethyl, the drying speed of Butyl-Cyanoacrylate is slower, and the adhesion is weaker. But produces less formaldehyde during the curing process, which is suitable for sensitive customers.

Octyl-Cyanoacrylate: Octyl, like Butyl, is a major component of surgical glues. The difference is that Octyl is more flexible and dries slower than Butyl. Octyl ingredients are safe and suitable for sensitive customers.

Alkoxy Cyanoacrylate: Alkoxy cyanoacrylate is an adhesive that is made to have extremely low odor and fume. This type of Cyanoacrylate is eight times more expensive than the Ethyl type, Used as an ingredient in premium eyelash extension adhesives.

Methoxy-Cyanoacrylate: Methoxy type is the least irritating kind of Cyanoacrylate, and it's almost odorless. It is developed to improve the problems caused by the irritation and odor of Ethyl and Butyl type glue. However, its drying time is very slow, and the adhesion is much weaker compared to other types of Cyanoacrylate. However, they are also the most gentle glues and are recommended for sensitive clients.

Mixing the right amount of cyanoacrylates in one glue bottle to make a "perfectly balanced" adhesive that achieves low fume, fast drying speed, and long retention is the ultimate goal of any lash extension glue producers. You only need to send us your eyelash glue requirements, and our technical team will develop the most suitable formula for you. (Email:, WeChat/WhatsApp: +86-189 6824 6688)

Leading eyelash adhesive manufacturer

As one of the most professional hypoallergenic eyelash glue manufacturers and suppliers in China, we customize products for you with competitive prices, R&D technology, complete testing methods, and a quality evaluation system.

Hopson has more than ten years of experience in R&D and production of adhesives, a 100,000-level clean workshop and an independent R&D testing laboratory.

Image of the lab and workshop producing glue

Types of lash glue available

In addition to the conventional eyelash glues on the market, we can also customize new formulations for you according to your specific needs. We can provide you with customized solutions from the following aspects.

1. Gentle formula for sensitive eyes

Eyelash glues made with the main ingredients butyl, octyl, alkoxy, or methoxy are suitable for sensitive eyes.

2. Shelf life

Generally, strong lash glues last up to 6 months unopened, the shelf-life of sensitive glue is much shorter- 3 months unopened.

Upon request, we can upgrade the formulation to extend the shelf life.

3. Setting Speed (drying speed)

Usually, setting the speed of sensitive glues is noticeably slower than regular lash adhesive. There is a range of sensitive glues drying speeds starting from 5 seconds up to 8 seconds.

It is worth mentioning this to your lash client beforehand. Your application time can be longer than typical applications because of the nature of sensitive glue.

For ordinary eyelash glue, we can design the formula for you according to your requirement of drying speed.

4. Retention

Most of the sensitive adhesives are made with least to no ethyl-cyanoacrylate, and inevitably, their adhesion is much weaker than the "normal" glues. When all the right conditions are met (room/product condition, proper technique, client's health & lash condition, and aftercare), extensions can last 3-4.5 weeks maximum.

For normal eyelash extension glue, we have the latest advanced formula with incredible retention power and lasts up to 7- 8 weeks! Works perfectly for Classic sets and Volume fans.

5. Color

Clear, White, and Black

6. Package Options

-PET/PP/PE bottle

-Aluminum/Laminated Tube

-Glass vials

-Blister/sealed bag/box/bulk

7. Design

Tell us your creative ideas, our designers will provide you with design solutions

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Product parameters

ViscosityVery lowVery low
Setting Time3-4 Seconds5-6 Seconds8-10 Seconds
Drying Time3 Seconds5 Seconds10 Seconds
Intial Adhesion
Retention4.5+ Weeks4+ Weeks3+ Weeks
High PerformanceSafe glue for clients with sensitivity to eyelash extension


What does Latex-Free in lash glue mean?

Simply put, Latex is natural rubber. A small amount of latex in lash glue helps to increase the resistance of the adhesive to water and oil, even in oily or moist conditions, latex-containing adhesives hold strong. However, latex is known to cause allergic reactions in some people, and when it happens, it can be quite dangerous.

These days, most lash extension suppliers exclude latex from their ingredient list to ensure client safety.

Is lash extension glue Formaldehyde-free?

Despite many claims that most beauty salons use hypoallergenic adhesives, the truth is that no eyelash glue is completely formaldehyde-free. Even if the product is cyanoacrylate-based, ultra-low amounts of formaldehyde naturally occur as the adhesive degrades over time.

Formaldehyde is NOT an ingredient but it is formed as a by-product during the production process by the decomposition of other components in the eyelash extension glue.

Exposure to small amounts of formaldehyde produced when using eyelash extensions is not harmful to health.

How to Make the Curing Process of Lash Glue Faster?

All you need is to use a nano mister. Nano misters are the easiest and faster way to add moisture to the air which speeds the curing process of the eyelash glue. Pair your hygrometer with a nano mister to maintain the ideal humidity in your lash room. Use it when the humidity is too low.

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