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Glue sticks large

Glue sticks (also known as Solid Glue) are an ideal and beautiful adhesive used to stick paper. These glue sticks large come in 21g increase capacity, affordable and durable. it is an ideal choice for Officeworks to stick notes and paper.

Available in 3 packs - 8g, 8g*2pcs, 21g

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●High viscosity, high density and not easy to penetrate

●Permanent adhesive, but washes easily off hands and clothing

●Non-toxic, Conforms to ASTM D-4236

●Glue adheres smoothly, minimizing any clumping or wrinkling

●Cheap price, created for home and office use

Glue sticks uses

Perfect for arts and crafts projects, bonding photos, papers, scrapbooking, and more

How to use

Remove cap, turn base until the glue stick extends slightly

 Apply with firm strokes

Turn base to retract glue stick 

Always close the cap after use

Glue stick glue can be washed out with cold water.

Storage conditions
Store in a dry, cool and frost-free place.

Product parameters

Item No.



21g 1pcs/card  12cards/box  12boxes/ctn








White or purple

Shelf life

24 months


Is glue stick good for paper?

Glue stick is an essential tool for paper crafters. They provide adequate adhesion for paper crafts and dry clear. They can be used for mounting in scrapbooking and cardmaking. Also, it can take the place of hot glue when you are adding delicate embellishments. Improved case design means glue doesn't dry out quickly.

How to remove glue stick from paper

Examine the paper and glue quality. A glue stick that adheres to strong quality paper will be easier to remove.

Method 1:
Heat the glue. You can make the glue stuck in the paper warm with a hair drier or heat gun such that the glue kind of gets gummier, and then with the same type of sticker tap it to remove the glue. If you don’t have the stickers, use masking (paper) tape. You’ll need to do this several times for it to remove it completely.

Method 2:
Apply a solvent or acetone with a cotton swab to break down the glue.
Wipe with a dry cloth

How long do glue sticks last?

Hopson's glue sticks have a one-year minimum shelf life. If the stick has been opened, used, and re-capped properly and not subjected to temperature extremes, its shelf life is over 4 years, If you plan to store them for a while, consider putting a label on the storage container with the date. Glue sticks are pretty hardy however, over prolonged periods of time, they can become brittle.

Are glue sticks permanent?

This all-purpose permanent glue stick made by Hopson is a great item to have around the office and home. Permanently bonds items like paper, photos, fabric, and cardboard. The glue is washable, acid-free, photo safe, and non-toxic.

Why are there purple, blue, black, yellow, pink glue sticks?

The purple, blue, black, yellow, pink color makes it easy to see where the glue has already been spread.

What is the market price of glue stick?

At present, the price of adhesive raw materials is constantly rising, causing the prices of various glues to fluctuate. If you want the latest glue sticks price list, please contact Hopson. Hopson is a leading adhesive manufacturer in China for you provide the best price, high quality adhesive products.

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