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Waterproof all purpose glue

This waterproof all purpose adhesive is an ultra-strong, quick-drying,  clear liquid synthetic resin adhesive, It is widely used to bond leather, paper, fabrics, metal, rubber, and other materials. It is also the most commonly used DIY glue in schools, offices, and homes.

Available in 3 packs - 7ml, 7ml 12pk, 30ml

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Options Available

7ml 7ml 12pk

Instructions for use

Before use, clean the surface of the adherend to remove dust, grease, rust, etc.

Make sure everything is perfectly aligned before you start gluing.

Apply the all-purpose adhesive.

Press the surface of the bonded object, Wait 10-15 minutes for

all Purpose glue to solidify before moving the object


1.Mix the glue evenly before using the universal glue, and

seal the bottle cap tightly after use.

2.When bonding with metal, it is best to roughen it first.

When bonding with polyethylene, polypropylene,  and other plastics,
the surface of the adhesive should be activated first.

3.Please place it in a cool, dry place and out of reach of children,

so as not to eat by mistake by children


Universal type, strong adhesion
A bottle in hand, anything can be glued, only you can't think of it

all purpose glue uses

Product parameters

Item No.




7ml/card  12cards/box  24boxes/ctn

7ml/card  50cards/ctn







Main Raw Material

Ethyl acetate&Vinyl acetate


Clear liquid


Is 502 and all purpose glue the same thing?

They aren't the same thing.

Different application areas

502 super glue is suitable for bonding flexible materials, such as: leather shoes, soft and hard plastics, etc. But for difficult-to-stick materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and PTFE, the surface needs special treatment before it can be bonded.

All purpose glue is suitable for the bonding of soft and hard materials, such as wood, aluminum-plastic board, metal, etc.

Different performance

The chemical name of all purpose glue is "cyanoacrylate", and its main component is neoprene. It has good resistance to oil, solvents and chemical reagents.

502 strong glue is a colorless, transparent liquid with good fluidity,volatile, polymerizes and solidifies when exposed to water, so it is called an instant adhesive.


low viscosity

flammable liquid



It undergoes polymerization reaction under the catalysis of a small amount of water in the air, and solidifies rapidly . The water solidifies rapidly and adheres to the adhesive.

What is the difference between school glue and glue-all?

The two types of glue share the formulation isn't identical. The main component of school glue is polyvinyl acetate polymer, the main component of glue all is neoprene, Hopson's school glue is easier to wash out and forms a more flexible bondthan Hopson's glue all.

Uses of school glue

7 Unexpected Uses for Basic Hopson's Glue

Secure buttons.

Tighten a screw hole.

Make your own “sea glass.”

Seal tips of shoelaces and drawstrings.

Whip up your own Mod-Podge.

Fill in nail holes.

Make some slime.

Uses of glue-all

Various types of sticking drillspositioning for 3hours in 3minutes is solid, where to drop where you want to paste

What is the best glue for DIY?

Cyanoacrylate super glue, white blue and all purpose glue are commonly used glues in DIY, with excellent properties such as instant bonding and curing, waterproofing, etc. 

super glue uses:paper,metal,rubber ect. 

white glue uses: wood, rock board, fiber all purpose glue uses: leather, fabric, crystal, etc.

These 3 types of DIY glue have the same purpose, but also have different purposes; you can choose according to your needs, please contact us for more detailed information.

What is all purpose filler?

All Purpose Filler is areadymixed filler that does not react chemically with the main material in the adhesive component, but can change its performance and reduce the cost.

Dries to a smooth but tough crack resistant sandable finish which may be painted, papered or stained.

How to choose the adhesive filler?

Meet the special requirements of the adhesive, such as conductivity, heat resistance, etc.

No chemical reaction with other components in the adhesive.

It does not contain moisture, grease and harmful gas, and it is not easy to absorb moisture and change.


It has a certain physical state, such as the uniform particle size of the powdered filler.

Low cost, wide sources, convenient processing

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