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Crawling Insects Glue Traps

Crawling Insects Glue Traps contain ultra-strong pheromones which attract and trap nearby insects immediately. The insects will not be able to release themselves from the highly sticky glue once captured. Resolving your problem quickly and efficiently with no worries.

These sticky traps are useful for monitoring an area for crawling insects 24/7, and as such are frequently used by professionals to enhance their ability to detect pests during pest control inspections.

Cost-effective and reliable solution for constant or mass monitoring.

Kills the “Big 3” – brown recluse, black widow, and hobo spiders.

Adhesive works in variety of temps, even in cold: Non-drying, non-flowing glue.

Proven industry-leading attractant contained within the glue.

Dry-touch, no-mess glue.

Safe around children and pets.

Insect trap details: A compact, sticky trap, with a rectangle profile constructed from grease resistant card. They have been developed to monitor and catch insects by attracting them to the food based glue inside the trap which effectively traps them. This trap benefits from the same technology as the larger Lo-Line style trap, but is ideal for monitoring smaller areas or for quick investigations.

Product parameters

Item No.
13.5*8.5*4.5cm (Fold)2pcs/box, 96boxes/CTN45.5*16*31cm11.0kg1250CTNS
13.5*28cm (UnFold)


How do you catch a crawling insect?

Methods of collecting insects:
Funnels. These are devices to drive insects and other arthropods out of samples of leaf litter.

Flight intercept traps.

Hand netting.

Light traps.

Pitfall traps.

Glue Traps.

Yellow pan traps.

How to make homemade ant traps?

Mix together a 1/2 cup sugar and a tablespoon of Borax in 1 cup of water, then soak a few wadded-up paper towels in the mixture.
Place the paper towels in jars or small bowls, then put them in the middle of your ant-infested area. (Keep animals and children away from the jars.)

How do insect traps work?

“Attractive”-type traps lure pests in using food, color, light, shape or smell.  Various pests are attracted to specific stimuli.

For example, roach glue traps work by luring them in with smell.

roach trap

Stink bugs are attracted to vertical, cylindrical traps resembling tree trunks that are dark in color.

bug glue trap

Moths are attracted to yellow glue traps.

yellow glue trap

Mosquitoes are attracted to light traps.

light trap

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