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Glue Board Fly Killer

Glue Board Fly Killer designed especially for use with the ultraviolet light fly killer unit. These glue boards feature advanced UV stable glue guards to extend the time before the glue starts drying out and a unique formula that reduces the glue run from exposure to the tube heat. Black finished, these provide simple and reduced service times.

This sticky glue board has to be mounted in the fly killer behind the UV lamp to trap flying insects attracted by UV-A rays. The use of glue board is particularly appropriate for the agri-food industry.

Glue Board Fly Killer Features

● Unique flexible glue application allows for a maximum glue area.

● Advanced UV stable glue guards against the glue drying out over a 4 week period.

● Dry glue formation reduces glue run from exposure to tube heat and mess free servicing.

● Consistent thickness of glue application ensures no areas are too thin to retain the caught insect

Varnished base material reduces absorption of the glue

● High quality silicon coated release paper provides easy peel action and less mess for reduced service times

● This glue board is white. Single-face, grid pattern (for ease of counting). Made of cardboard (a cost-saving material, perfect for use in dry environments).

● This glue board is resistant to UVA, dust and high temperatures (up to 60°C).

● Pack of 6 glue boards.

Product parameters

HPC-101Various size (customized available)Cardboard, PVC, PP


What is a glue board fly killer?

Glue board fly killers are similar to electric fly killers or 'zappers' in the sense that they utilize ultraviolet (UV) light to attract flying insects to the unit. The difference is that instead of being 'zapped' on an electrical grid, the fly is captured on a sticky glue board in the back of the unit.

How long do sticky fly traps last?

two to three months
The trap will stay sticky and attractive for two to three months. Change them sooner if more than half of the surface is covered in insects or dust.


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