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Insect Trap Rat Snake Glue Traps

Hopson insect trap rat snake glue traps are portable and easy-to-use mouse glues. In daily life, the mouse glues are the magic of catching Snakes, mice, and rats. Apply the mice glue evenly on the plastic board or paper board, and place it in an area where rat snakes often pass, so you can easily catch them.

SMARTCATCH Snake Trap is a pesticide-free way to trap snakes. The low environmental impact of glue traps 

allows usage in a wide variety of settings where pesticides and poisons cannot be used.

They are very economical - 100g/135g snake glue per pcs.

Can be placed quickly in any indoor or protected environment.

Extra Strength - Ultra sticky glue maintains holding power overtime and traps snakes on contact

Multi Purpose - Catches rats, mice and insects in addition to just snakes

Non Toxic - The trap does not use pesticides, poisons, or chemicals

Use in Multiple Areas - Great for residences, businesses, schools, storage areas and more

Rat & Snake Trap Applications:

Snakes & Rats like to live in damp, dark, cool places where food is abundant. Likely locations include:

In basements and some times in your living areas.

Crawl spaces, under trailers, in garages, inside sheds and more.

Inside vacation homes, cabins, hunting lodges, boat houses, etc.

Inside storage buildings, barns, lean-tos, animal containment.

Anywhere rodents are common.

Inside nearly any structure where snakes and rodents are a serious problem.

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How to remove a snake from a glue trap?

The trick to remove a snake from a glue trap is using vegetable oil. It will be harmless to the snake and will interfere with the glue on the trap more than water will. Use a cotton swab to apply the oil on the trap, and slowly work it free.

Can a snake get off a sticky trap?

Glue traps, often used to kill rodents, can prove to be a “slow painful death” for snakes and other animals who get stuck to the sticky trap. The traps can rip patches of skin, fur, and feathers off the animals' bodies as they struggle to escape.

How do you catch a snake with a glue trap?

Glue traps draw the snake inside through the use of rodent oil lures. Once in the box, the serpent is unable to turn back toward the exit without becoming completely stuck on the glue pad. To release the snake, all you need to do is spray the animal and the glue with cooking oil.

Are snake traps effective?

Snake traps are effective as they allow you to safely trap and remove unpleasant reptiles. Traps attract snakes by powerful scent dots that are inside the trap. 

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