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PerfectSeal Donated Epidemic Prevention Materials to Fight Against the Epidemic

views: 779  time: 2021-12-13

Zhejiang PerfectSeal New Material Technology Co.,   Ltd. donated a batch of epidemic prevention supplies to frontline epidemic prevention workers on the morning of December 13.

For the time being, a new round of epidemics broke out in the Zhenhai district of Ningbo. After the outbreak of the epidemic, PerfectSeal immediately proposed to provide masks free of charge to government agencies, schools, and hospitals in need. We did our best toactivelytake part in the first line of protest work.

In the special period of COVID-19, PerfectSeal has opened up a new product line of anti-epidemic products, including disposable face mask, N95 series masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer gel, melt-blown fabric and other products. The quality and price are strictly controlled to meet consumption The needs of the people in this emergency period. (Product Catalogue)

PerfectSeal also cares for the safety and health of its own staff. A large number of masks are provided to employees for free.

Furthermore, PerfectSeal spares no effort in making social donations. At the first time of the outbreak, PerfectSeal quickly organized human and material resources and took all measures within its capabilities to deliver its concern and love to where it's truly needed.

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