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Heavy Duty Rat Snake Glue Traps

Heavy Duty Rat, Snake Glue Traps is a no odorness, no-toxic, pesticide free way to trap Rat, snakes and other rodents. As used by professional pest control technicians, these heavy-duty rat glue boards provide a highly effective method of rodents control. 

Two sizes of glue trap boards are 21.5*16.5*1cm and 19.4*13.0*1cm, unlike other rat glue traps they are made of a solid paper board and original glue that is strong enough to trap rats and enable successful rodent control .

Product parameters

Item No.
HPS-101121.5*16.5*1cm50/72/100pcs/CTN50boxes: 45*30.5*18.5cm9.5kg1100CTNS
72boxes: 45*42.5*18.5cm
100boxes: 60*35*23cm


What Is a Snake Trap?

Snake Trap refers to any device that catches a snake. There are many types of snake traps, These can be a simple cage, a complex machine, or even just a sheet of paper with really sticky glue on it.

How Do Snake Traps Work?

Snake traps usually come with bait already installed to lure the snake inside. When the snake crawls in, it will get stuck to the glue lining the floor of the trap. When a snake is caught, you open the trap and pour oil over the snake so it can get loose and glide away.

a snake on snake trap

How to get a snake out of a glue trap?

If a snake is venomous, Call a professional to assist. If you’re not sure if it’s venomous or not, take a photograph to send them. If a snake is no-toxic, and the trick is to use vegetable oil to loosen the glue.

Do glue traps attract snakes?

While these traps are intended to catch a rodent or insect, the snakes are likely attracted the locations of these traps in search of mice or insects to eat. At this time mice or insects became the bait for catching snakes, and then the snake was caught

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