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Insect Killer Sticky Mouse Trap

SMARTCATCH Insect Killer Sticky Mouse Trap contain Eugenol for enhanced stickiness. This glue formulation has the ideal combination of immediate grip and stretchable hold. Non-toxic and harmless. It is safer to use around children and pests than other methods of pest control. The trays are ready to use, no additional baits needed.


● Safe and no-toxic: pleast rest your assurance for using.

● Superior stick: specific adhesive, applicable temperature is 5-50℃,don't go bad or bleed, strong adhesive and good effect.

● Sanitary and no pollution: direct burning or dispose after catching. Besides sticking rats, it is still usable for other pests such as cockroach, fly, bug, centipede, etc.

● Environmental design: adopt PP material which is easy for dispose and no pollution.

Product parameters

Item No.
HPS-102021.0*11.0cm2pcs/box  72/96 boxes/CTN
72 boxes: 47.5*42.5*26.5cm9kg520 CTNS
96 boxes: 56.0*46.5*26.5cm11kg400 CTNS


Do glue traps attract mice?

Place the food bait in the middle of the trap to attract the rat to the glue trap. In general, set glue traps along well-used runways, where the mice can not avoid them, as they blindly run into them. Glue traps also monitor insect activity.

How to kill a mouse on a glue trap?

The only method of killing an animal on a glue trap that is regarded as 'humane' is with one sharp blow to the head. Killing an animal with a strong blow to the head.

How to free a mouse from a glue trap?

When you're ready, pour some vegetable oil on the trap where the mouse is stuck and use a swab or cloth to massage it into the glue. Keep massaging the oil into the glue until the glue loosens and the mouse is able to free itself. Once the mouse is free, wipe off any oil on it using the cloth.

What to do with mouse on glue trap?

Realease or throw it

STEP 1 — Put on a pair of rubber gloves.

STEP 2 — Spray the dead mouse or rat, glue trap and the immediate area with a disinfectant or bleach-and-water mixture.

STEP 3 — Place the rodent and glue trap in a plastic bag, seal it and throw it out.

STEP 4 — Place any rodent-soiled objects in the bag including feces, nesting material or food.

If you want to release a mouse, and the trick is to use vegetable oil to loosen the glue.

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