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Most Effective Mice Traps

The SMARTCATCH glue trap is the most effective mice trap for the money. This humane mouse trap is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Paper board mice traps are easy-to-set, reusable and deadly effective. Two sizes of mouse traps, 283.5 and 378 are available for your choice.

Hopson is an advanced glue traps manufacturer China, providing you with high quality products and competitive prices.

NOTE: approach trapped snakes and rats with CAUTION. They can bite and some snakes are poisonous. Do not directly handle live trapped critters.

● No Odorless

● No Poisons

● Wide Temperature Usage Range

● Larger Size Trap Catches Snakes, Rats, & Mice- Both Large and Small

Using SMARTCATCH Mice, Rat & Snake Traps:

Remove a layer of sealing film from the rat glue traps paper board and place the rat glue traps on the floor or flat surface where snakes or rats have been seen.

For large snakes, fasten two or more SMARTCATCH Traps together using tape, wire, etc.

For best results place the traps close to or along a wall or vertical surface.

Product parameters

Item No.SizePackingMEASG.W.20'FCL
HPS-101321*13.5cm2pcs/box  72/96boxes/CTN31.5*23.5*18.5cm8.0kg2000CTNS
HPS-101228*13.5cm2pcs/box  72boxes/CTN


How to catch mice?

When you want to catch mice without a mouse trap. Here's the fastest and easiest way to catch a mouse alive in house.

Catch Rat Video

The best time to catch a mouse:

More mice are caught on the first night than the following nights. Make sure to set out plenty of traps to take advantage of the timing. Baits or Lures : Only a small amount (pea size) of bait or lure is needed. It is a good idea to offer a mouse a lure high in protein, like peanut butter.

What is good to catch mice?

Food as Bait
Sweet or fatty foods are favorites of these rodents, so peanut butter, soft cheese, or wet cat food often work well. In general, a small amount of a sticky bait is most likely to make a mouse trigger the trap.

How to catch mice with sticky traps?

Place glue traps along their runways or areas of high activity. Place food baits (peanut butter, cheese, chocolate, etc) in the middle of the trap to help attract the mice to the glue trap.

How long to catch a mouse?

The time that a mouse trap needs to catch mice depends on a lot of factors including the severity of the infestation, the kind of bait used, and the area it was placed. Mouse traps can work in a span of a few hours to days.

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