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Pest Control Mouse Glue Traps

SMARTCATCH Pest control mouse glue traps come in exclusive glue formulation that has been vigorously tested to ensure maximum holding power for maximum capture rates. Easy-to-use and fully disposable, these traps catch effectively rats, mice and other rodents and pests. Includes Eugenol for enhanced stickiness. Also traps a variety of insects including spiders, roaches or even scorpions.


Non-Toxic, Pesticide-free


Safer to use around children and pets

LONG LASTING - When deployed under normal conditions our long-lasting traps are effective for up to three full year.

Ready-to-use directly out of the box

Where to use mouse traps?

Mouse traps areideal for use in kitchen, bedroom, dining room, basement or garage etc.

place trap where rodents travel, usually a 25-100 ft. area between their nest and food source


If things or hands are stick to the adhesive, use cloth staining with gasoline to rub them, and then wash them by soap.

This product is still suitable for using at outdoor. For the strongly adhesive of the glue, please do not put it in the wet place or where there is too much windblown sand or dust.

As rats are usually active at night, the glue board can be placed when you are going to sleep, and recollect in the morning so as to prevent children from touching.

How to use a mouse trap?

Separate Glue Traps

Open package and separate SMARTCATCH Glue Traps.

Place Glue Traps

Place Tomcat Glue Traps in areas (along walls) where rodents or insects will most likely cross over them as they move from hiding places to feeding places.


After use, simply dispose of the entire trap.

Product parameters

SMARTCATCH Mouse Glue Traps Board Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the SMARTCATCH Mouse Glue TrapsBoard? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Item No.Size



4pcs/box 72/96 boxes/CTN








How to dispose of a live mouse in a glue trap?

Free the mouse.

1. Pour vegetable oil on the mouse and the glue tray. The glue will begin to loosen and the mouse will be able to release itself from the trap.

2. Put the used glue trap in a plastic bag, seal it and throw it in the trash.

3. Wash your gloved hands, remove the gloves and dispose of them in the trash.

How long does it take a mouse to die on a glue trap?

three to 24 hours
After a fruitless struggle, they may succumb to exhaustion, collapse face down in the glue, and die of suffocation when the glue lodges in their nasal passages. Most often death comes from a combination of exhaustion, dehydration, and starvation. This can take anywhere from three to 24 hours, or more.

How long does it take for a dead mouse to start smelling?

You might begin to notice a dead rodent smell as soon as 12 hours after death, but it can take two to three days before it becomes strong enough that even the least sensitive nose will notice.

How to remove mouse trap glue from clothes?

Steps to Remove the Glue:

● Moisten a clean cloth with vinegar.

● Place it over the adhesive and allow it to sit for a few moments. ...

● Scrub gently with the same cloth until the glue adhesive comes up.

● Repeat as necessary until all of the glue is removed.

● If desired, rinse the area with clean water.

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