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Metal epoxy putty

Metal epoxy putty is an incredibly strong and versatile all purpose epoxy stick. This epoxy stick can be used for sealing holes. It can act as a powerful adhesive fill which that binds, sets, and makes waterproof a wide range of materials. Once applied it turns into a hard, tough, permanent, and waterproof seal. Epoxy Putty will not shrink after hardening and is resistant to most solvents.

Available in 2 sizes - 25g, 50g.

Available in 2 packs - 25g*20pcs, 50g*1pcs.

Available in epoxy adhesive liquid and epoxy putty stick

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● After kneading evenly, it is used to seal the leakage of pipes, drainage pipes, flowerpots, faucets, etc.

● Can bond a variety of materials, including metal, wood, glass, ceramics, fiberglass, stone and many

hard plastics. Used for filling and repairing.

● Easy to use: Simply cut, hand knead until color become uniform and apply to damaged area then

all you do is let It dry.

● 3-5 minutes: mixing time, mixing evenly. 5 minutes to 24 hours: long curing time and rapid increase of

hardness. After 24 hours: completely hardened and permanently fixed.

● The working temperature of the product is between - 50 ℃ and 120 ℃, and the rest is kept in a dry and

cool place.


Seal pipes, stop leaks
Fix cracks and smooth them
Repair appliances, tools, furniture, toys, automotive parts
Glue metal, glass, wood, plastic

epoxy putty for sealing, fixing, repairing, glueing

How to use


1. Clean the surface to be repaired to avoid impurities and grease.

2. On the two-component epoxy putty, take off the same amount and knead it to make it soft and keep the color uniform.

3. Apply the product to the location you want to repair in 3-5 minutes, you can press it properly to keep it firm.

4. After the repair is completed, use soapy water to clean the remaining epoxy putty as soon as possible to avoid the residue being too long to clean.

5. After waiting for 24 hours, the epoxy putty solidifies and becomes hard, which can be processed, drilled, knocked and


Product parameters

Item No.



25g/box  20boxes/card  12cards/ctn







Shelf Life



What is epoxy putty?

Epoxy putty refers to a group of room-temperature-hardening substances. Are made up of two soft parts. When these two parts are mixed, a chemical reaction takes place, causing the putty to harden. This epoxy putty can fill gaps and even be molded into a structural part.

One can drill and tap their cured products, and that they quickly cure "hard as steel" (as measured by Shore rating), though they are much weaker than steel in tensile strength and shear strength.

What is epoxy glue used for?

Epoxy glue is a durable epoxy resin adhesive that canbe usedwith various materials, including: wood, cement, plastic, glass, china, or metal, etc.

Epoxy glue for metal

Using epoxy for gluing metal is a handy alternative to welding, soldering, or bolting. A very strong epoxy for metal is Hopson Epoxy Metal/Concrete. This product is ideal for repairing pipes and securing bolts and screws into metal. Canbe sandedor drilled, are water-resistant, and set in about 10 minutes with full cure in under 24 hours.

epoxy putty on metal pipeuse epoxy glue for securing bolts and screws into metal

Epoxy glue for cement

If you have cracks in your garden step stones, you can fix them with the Hopson epoxy.

epoxy putty on concrete

Epoxy for repairing burst PVC pipe under your sink

Hopson Repair Putty All-Purpose. The putty is moldable, canbe bondedto damp surfaces, and cures under water.

epoxy putty for repairing pipe

How long does epoxy putty take to dry?

1. Regular epoxy putty
a steel hard cure overnight

2. Quick Fix Epoxy Putty
Once mixed, the product hardens in 5 minutes and cures in 1 hour. Once the epoxy putty has cured it can be drilled, filed, tapped, sanded ,painted, and machined.
Applying heat will expedite cure, i.e. using a hair dryer or heat gun.

Is epoxy putty permanent?

Typically, epoxy can hold about 300 lbs of tensile strength. Once applied it turns into a hard, tough, permanent and waterproof seal. Epoxy Putty will not shrink after hardening and is resistant to high temperature, UV light, solvents, and impact.

Is epoxy putty removable? 

Use acetone. 

Use a paint brush to apply acetone to the cured epoxy. It should loosen the epoxy, so you can peel it away easily. Note: Acetone is flammable, please use acetone in a well-ventilated area and keep it away from flammable objects

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